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HXN members get together to reflect upon the changes in the creative industries of Latin America. Talking about the cultural as well as the socio-economic aspect, these industries have made a huge impact in this region. Its mission is to transform and develop cultural goods and services whose value lies in its intellectual property. 


The creative industries project is meant to serve as a guide for future entrepreneurs and governments in order to pursue ways to introduce sustainability within this industry without dismissing the financial subject. For that matter, we will be using three pillars collaboration, co-creation & leadership.

Creative Economy & Creative Industries

The creative economy combines culture and commerce based on the interplay between people’s creativity, ideas, intellectual property, knowledge, and technology. 

Creative industries are based on this type of economic activity that depends on the monetization of ideas.


Today, creativity is increasingly recognized as a renewable, omnipresent resource for sustainable human-centric development. It is well known that small and micro-businesses are not only growing in economic significance but,

in some sense, are bringing a whole new economic order, with a new paradigm for how businesses are organized. 


Creative Industries applied to artisans

At Animaná and HxN, we believe we all need to

re-paradigm leadership from a perspective based on co-creation and guided by genuine alignment with ethical matters. We must create from sharing, connection, communication, and inclusivity across cultures, genders, disciplines, and ages.


Especially because the creative manufacturing and handmade sector are mainly dominated by women, youth, and rural populations. It is also the second-largest employer globally yet one of the most under-served by investment and digitalization. 

At HechoxNosotros and B-corp Animaná, we try to unlock the creativity and talent of artisan entrepreneurs worldwide by transforming existing skills and human potential. We help empower artisans and preserve traditions, always in the frame of the Sustainable Development Goals. 



One of our objectives is bridging between micro, small and medium-sized enterprises, and global markets through digital tools. By connecting producers through distributed and virtual networks to manufacturers, brands, designers, and buyers, artisans have the chance to work from home instead of migrating to traditional factories in the cities; so the creative work remains in its home communities.


In fact, Animaná is living proof of the enormous potential in the fusion between small and medium enterprises and artisans and the power of using transparency to engage consumers in conscious consumption actively. The objective is to form a better value chain while adding value transversely to all the actors.

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