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HECHO x NOSOTROS Climate Action:

Integrating global value chains in the Creative Industry

Summary of the Workshops:


The workshop was a great opportunity to discuss the role of technology as a catalyst for climate action in the creative industries. Design thinking and the development of tailored tools for MSMEs were also mentioned among the key solutions to advance environmental agendas and to integrate sustainable actors in global value chains.

The audience had the privilege to learn about the expertise of keynote speaker Nikolay Anguelov, Ph.D., and his deep research related to the current and future trends shaping the fashion industry.

Check out some phrases from the keynote speaker:"Mass-customization, also known as the 'Virtual Seamstress' business model, redefines cocreation in a disruptive way.";“Before, people paid the premium for the brand, now they will for the social action, conservation, environment, or for Human Rights”

In the main session, the speakers emphasized the role of collaboration in successful climate action. Engaging with an inclusive and diverse network of stakeholders is key to igniting positive environmental impacts. In order to become changemakers, these actors need dialogue opportunities and capacity-building. The following speakers participated in the main session:

  • Adriana Marina, Founder of Hecho por Nosotros & animaná

  • Trish Langman, Hecho por Nosotros Partner & Circular Fashion Specialist

  • Pranav Khanna, Hecho por Nosotros Partner & Climate Change Specialist

  • Lucia Tornero, Coordinator of Communication Ashoka Cono Sur & Planet & Climate Ashoka, Argentina

  • Ingrid Zabaleta Chaustre, Executive Regional Assistant for the Brazil-FAO +Cotton project at FAO

Their contributions were enriching insights based on their respective experiences. They indicated the trajectories to follow in order to integrate climate action in global value chains.

Check out some speeches from our speakers:

Tricia Langman: "Design Thinking is a set of principles and concepts that aid critical thinking innovation and bring solutions to problems using empathy as a starting point"

Adriana Marina: "Inclusiveness and collaboration is key to give visibility to good practices" "We have to listen to the artisans, the MSMEs, to identify their bottlenecks and to learn from them and from the problems that they are facing"

Francesca Romana Rinaldi: "Sustainable added-value and climate good practices are lost in some processes, given that these are segregated in silos that are not connected one to each other. Transparency & Traceability is needed to break these silos and to involve coordinated work to update solutions that are now available, and to scale them up."

Pranav Khanna: "As technology helps create engineered trust, it enables people across borders to cocreate in direct collaboration";"Technology can offer alternative solutions for measuring, reporting and verifying sustainable information"

Finally, at the event there were 6 breakout sessions:

Breakout session 1 - Blockchain & Decentralized Finance Leveraging Grassroots Climate Action: How Collaboration Can Defy the Technological Gap to Include Women, Youth, Artisans & Handworkers (Case Study of Animaná and Hecho por Nosotros)

  • Adriana Marina, Founder of Hecho por Nosotros & B Corp company animaná

  • Ernesto Rodriguez, Digital consultant and HxN collaborator

  • Agustin Pandolfini, Social Impact Lead ar IOV Labs, Hecho por Nosotros Collaborator

  • Edison Benites, Sociologist, & Market Research expert, Hecho por Nosotros Collaborator

  • Sofía Sánchez, Sustainable Fashion Management & International Business Administration, Hecho por Nosotros Collaborator

  • Coordinated by Michael Larsson, Hecho por Nosotros Collaborator

Breakout session 2 - Design Thinking and Climate action: Educational Strategies for the Fashion Industry Agenda

  • Tricia Langman, Hecho por Nosotros Partner & Circular Fashion Expert

  • Darinka Szigecsan, Cambridge University (Newnham Environmental Justice Society)

  • Achenyo Idachaba-Obaro, founder/CEO Mitimeth

  • Natalija Jovasevic, HxN Collaborator & Chief Writing Editor for HxN Toolkit

  • Lena Ziegler, Circular Economy, Sustainability & Supply Chain Specialist

  • Coordinated by Lucila Mingrone

Breakout session 3 - Technology and Digital Tools to Mitigate Climate Change

  • Pranav Khanna, Hecho por Nosotros Partner & Climate Change Expert

  • Coordinated by Lucía Rizzi, HxN Young Advocates Leader

Breakout session 4 - Transparency & Traceability in Fashion Value Chains to Address Climate Change : Examples of Collaborations with the Grassroots in Latin America

  • Ingrid Zabaleta Chaustre, executive assistant of the FAO +Cotton project for Latin American & the Caribbean

  • Francesca Romana Rinaldi, UNECE Consultant

  • Coordinated by Lucie Lamandé, Sustainable Finance Specialist & HxN Collaborator and Christiane Schulz, Textile Engineer & HxN Collaborator

Breakout session 5 - Opportunities for Co-Creation with Technology: the New 'Virtual Seamstress' Business Models and How they are Redefining Sustainability

  • Nikolay Anguelov, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Public Policy, University of Massachusetts

  • Coordinated by Julia Salas, Sustainable Business Consultant Architect and UX designer

Breakout session 6 - Education, Leadership and Entrepreneurship towards a Resilient Future

  • Heidy Gabriela Herrera Romo, Doctoral student and Academic Coordinator (Fashion, Innovation and Trends) at the Faculty of Design of Universidad Anáhuac México

  • Lucia Tornero, Coordinator of Communication Ashoka Cono Sur & Planet & Climate Ashoka, Argentina

  • Rafael Kopta, Biologist and president of ACUDE foundation

  • Jesus Vila, Growing to Think Program Leader for Rurapuk (Lima)

  • Carla Albornoz, Economist & HxN Co-Creation Leader

  • Coordinated by Paula Ruiz, Hecho por Nosotros Collaborator

So, to find out more about the event and the workshops, check out the summary below:

To access the workshops summary in pdf format, click below to download:

Climate action - Integrating Global Value Chains In The Creative Industry - Summary of the
Download • 4.13MB

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