Changing the fashion industry

Since 2009, we have been contributing towards a systemic change in the fashion industry, to reach a more sustainable and inclusive industry.

Women talking in a raw wool deposit


Joining forces with the United Nations 

In 2016, Hecho x Nosotros obtained special consultative status with UN ECOSOC. This achievement allowed us to join efforts with other organizations, businesses, governments, and entrepreneurs to foster sustainable fashion.

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The impact of our work

Over the past decade, we have worked closely with textile communities and actors who are at the base of the camelid fiber value chain in Latin America. The most important outcome from our immediate work with these actors is an increased understanding of the technical and social barriers that these cooperatives and MSMEs face. The disconnection between MSMEs and global value chains is a huge part of the problem and creating those links should be part of the solution.

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Economic impact

Our success allows us to reinvest resources in promoting circular fashion and empowering small businesses and artisans.

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Environmental impact

We are promoting the production processes of camelid fibers which are 100% organic, helping capitalize the animal and plant wealth of the Andean region.


Consumer impact