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Adriana Marina is honored to welcome Jade E. McLachlan as HXN Non-Executive Director

In our pursuit of sustainable and impactful practices through regenerative models and systemic change, we are delighted to welcome Jade McLachlan to Hecho por Nosotros as a Non-Executive Director. Jade's integration into our team is a strategic step that significantly strengthens our ability to achieve key objectives for the future of our organization. She brings a wealth of experience and passion, aligning seamlessly with our commitment to driving positive change.

Jade's dedication to environmental advocacy and sustainability strategy, combined with her spirit of collaboration, will help us develop new alliances, fostering continued growth and positively impacting even more communities. This is a crucial step for our international impact.

In addition, she will assist in creating better and stronger internal policies, reinforcing and disseminating our core values and our way of working—the spirit of Hecho por Nosotros.

Finally, Jade will actively contribute to our upcoming events as a formal representative in several high-level international fora, like COP 2023.

Please join us in welcoming Jade as a key member of Hecho x Nosotros! Together, we look forward to creating a more sustainable, inclusive, and equitable future.

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