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Facilitates a collaborative environment where participants can initiate new experiences, solve problems, and share ideas. ​ ​

HxN Ignite facilitates a collaborative environment in which participants can start new ventures, solve problems and share insights. By uniting stakeholders from all areas of the fashion industry, we will accelerate systemic change.

In the Toolkit project, we are focusing on promoting traceability throughout the value chain, building the reputation of natural fibers and underscoring the value of ancestral wisdom. Also, we are facilitating training and building resources for artisans, designers and micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs.) Through our proposed platform, we plan to deliver circular sustainable solutions to designers, producers and fashion practitioners. We hope to help MSMEs scale-up their ventures in a sustainable way and enable designers to use circular design techniques.

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The Toolkit itself is a circular process. As collaborators work to solve challenges, they will develop case studies and tools, growing the resource library.

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The Toolkit's role
What is our Toolkit
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