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Why choosing natural fibers?

It just takes one look into our daily lifestyle to be a little more conscious, to find those actions and habits that impact our environments; only by finding them we can begin to change them.

Every opportunity in which we choose a natural alternative we know that not only does it help the environment, but it is also convenient for ourselves. Choosing to carry natural fibers on our skin instead of synthetic fibers is a perfect example, a first step in the road to be more respectful of our beings and nature. Everyday we know more about the impact our consumption and production models make in the environment and we are gradually becoming more conscious about its consequences. To do something about it is the most logical answer.

These are some benefits that make clothes made with natural organic fibers the best option in the market:

Quality and comfort

In addition to being organic fibers made by hand, the fame of natural fibers is concentrated in their extreme softness, durability, freshness and feel. Clothing made of these fibers are a lifetime company thanks to their quality and timeless designs, full of cultural heritage, that last longer than any trend. From the Andean territories, the indigenous communities put their knowledge of ancestral weaving, spinning and dyeing to the task of making unique handmade garments. These artisans bring back singularity to the clothes we wear and allow us to shine with lucid and vivid colors.

It is a healthy option

Different fibers help us to satisfy different needs, improving our overall quality of life. Wool keeps us warm in the winter, and its non-conducting properties keep us fresh during the summer. It is a material that promises us to be always there since it is highly durable.

Some natural fibers, like linen and organic cotton, are a few of the alternatives that combine very properly with wool on the warmest seasons. Linen is characterized for its freshness and hygienic properties, and has the perk of not causing allergies or irritation on our skin, keeping us healthy. That is why "bed-clothing" is called "linens", improving sleep quality and preventing accumulations of bacteria. On the other hand, organic cotton is soft, permeable, absorbs humidity and clothings made with it possess natural ventilation which makes them fresh and easy to wash. That is why it is so nice to wear cotton clothes in hot summer days.

A responsible choice

Natural fibers are the most responsible answer when it comes to choosing our clothes, all the way from their production and cultivation of raw materials to the manipulation of their waste. During its production, sustainable processes are used, and 100% of its waste is biodegradable.

Regarding social affairs, the production, process and exportation of clothing made of natural fibers are a huge economical sustain to more than 1.5 million of Andean families composed by artisans and shepherds. By consuming these fibers, we contribute to the local development of autonomous communities, improving their access to health, education and technology.

The choice made in favor of natural, organic fibers is about comfort, quality and positive impact generated by its production. Their fame made them coveted around the world, and are worn proudly as luxury garments. Then, why not following our instincts when pleasure and tranquillity invade us from the moment our fingers feel their softness and warmth?

Translation: Franco de Candia

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