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Meet our new interns!

Emma Hucke (left), from Maryland, US, has been living in Buenos Aires and working in communications at HechoxNosotros for 6 weeks now. She has been making important, strategic decisions alongside the HxN team concerning our developing company image and missions. The majority of her efforts have been reaching out to local youth culture in order to establish a simbiotic relationship in which we can educate consumers on sustainable practices as well as develop a strong company identity based on local culture.

Tori Borlase (right) attends university in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, but is currently staying in Buenos Aires. At HechoxNosotros, she focuses on business strategy and has helped coordinate projects for the United Nations. She will continue to collaborate with universities and experts in order to create case studies and impact reports that will be used to communicate the core ideals of HechoxNosostros. Tori looks forward to spending the next 4 weeks exploring Buenos Aires and traveling around Argentina.

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