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In Sustainable Fashion: Inspired by Nature

The beginnings of fashion and textiles started with the need of protection from harsh

environments. There was no choice but to live in tune with nature. Eating and using scraps for cloth that would protect the body directly and eventually used to create homes and musical instruments. This same fabric, once used to its capacity, was returned to the earth. Not disturbing the environment but providing energy to the earth for the next part of the cycle.

However, the modern human- Homo Sapiens- were both blessed and cursed with the evolutionary ability to develop ideas and create. New inventions and technologies along with greed and egos created a divide with nature, and not wise enough to see the impact of our actions, we’ve come to this point. Building and building, the human seeks to create and destroy, all the while forgetting its reliance on the main life source from which it relies. The Earth in all its authority, allows the human to take and take, but not without consequence.

The earth provides solutions to all its problems, and to all our problems. Like any living being of nature, it heals itself- if left to its own devices. In the same way, our bodies heat up to kill harmful bacteria.

We can regard fast fashion, synthetic creations and harmful production practices as the bad bacteria. Still, these destructive mal practices can be solved for by nature. With the advent of biodegradable fabrics, textile recycling machines and questionable recycled plastic textiles, the fashion industry is provided with numerous options to continue creation with a smaller carbon footprint.

Humans of all professions alike, are also provided this challenge and responsibility to educate ourselves and act for our communities and futures. There is already proof of action and hope for further change. As Business Roundtable announces its new Corporation mission statement and Millennials demand more than a profit from their potential careers. With Greta Thunberg making world news because she clearly has a point and represents a large group of people who care about this planet and its warming. However, let’s not get too caught up in hot topics, but let’s seek to learn something of all the trends. Humanity is constantly pushing the consciousness paradigm and HechoxNosotros is here to provide your trustworthy, quick read on sustainable fashion. If you are in this movement for people and the planet, join us and get inspired by nature.

Collaboration by Alexia Dolamakian

Illustration by Valentina Mareovich

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