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Hecho x Nosotros is committed to achieving the UN sustainable development goals

HechoxNosotros is a multicultural organization, constantly adapting to the ever-changing

world, which endeavors to find innovative solutions to problems facing the fashion and

garment industry. Common goals and dedication to the HxN mission has allowed

collaborators from different parts of the world to join forces, achieving positive results in

the area of social impact.

This group works to analyze and scrutinize the fast fashion industry, identifying sustainable

alternatives for garment making, exploring electronic recycling processes and their social

and health implications. In addition, it develops projects to answer the question of how the

fashion industry can serve as an effective platform to move forward with the 2030 agenda, the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

What has already been achieved?

This past year, they have been working on what they call “Phase 0”. This consists of research

and analysis to understand the various issues in their social, environmental and economic

contexts within the supply chain, starting with the industry’s largest multinationals, divided

into 4 regions (Latin America, North America, Europe, and Asia).

Furthermore, they strove to narrow research down to case studies focused on more local

issues, touching on subjects such as water waste, differences in how synthetic and natural

fibers are processed, and the impact of the use of non-renewable energy sources and

chemicals in the sector.

One of the most important aspects they have developed, and one they hope to improve on,

is research into identifying eco-environmental policies for best practices, adaptable to the

realities of small businesses and artisan organizations within the garment industry.

What are they working towards achieving?

For the year 2021, they hope to enter into the development of “Phase 1”. They expect to

make progress on the creation of tools and indicators to measure impact, guaranteeing the

viability of the work of artisanal SMEs, focusing on the 2030 Sustainable Development

Goals. Furthermore, it is hoped that by January, an SDG will have been chosen to act as a guiding principle for the entire organization, with different projects and initiatives.

This year, the pandemic has served as a global tipping point, creating an opportunity to push the industry towards a systemic change. The NGO, along with other organizations and

backed by the UN, is a vehicle to raise awareness about the work being done to create a

more sustainable planet.

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