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Webinar 24.6: Sustainable Solutions. A Candid Conversation between Female Entrepreneurs

A candid conversation between female designers and business women discussing the pain points, solutions, and pivots they have made to their respective sustainable businesses.


  • Sara Bernstein, PhD teaches critical fashion studies at Pacific Northwest College of Art and is the editor and co-founder of Dismantle Magazine. Her writing on fashion and culture has appeared in Vox, The Outline, BuzzFeed Reader, Catapult, and more.


  • Christina Castle, Designer & Founder of Dagny& Consulting (Brooklyn, USA)

  • Bozena Jankowska, Designer & Founder of Bozena Jankowska (London, U.K.)

  • Lucía Chain, Designer & Founder of CHAIN (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

  • Korina Emmerich, Designer & Founder of EMME (Brooklyn, USA)

  • Shobha Phillips, Founder of Proclaim. (Los Angeles, USA)

Join us in this conversation at 12 PM (Buenos Aires time)!

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