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Webinar 19.8: Adriana Marina speaks to Rebecca Burgess

The role of Climate Beneficial Agriculture as a foundation for textile creation processes.

Adriana Marina (founder of the NGO Hecho por Nosotros and B-Corp animaná) is happy to host Rebecca Burgess.

Communities around the world often rely upon exploitative textile systems. Fibershed develops place-based regional fiber and natural dye systems that generate necessary forms of material culture, while simultaneously regenerating lost carbon stocks in our soil and providing meaningful livelihoods.

Fibershed founder and Executive Director Rebecca Burgess has built an extensive network of farmers and artisans within the Northern California fibershed and is piloting a regenerative fiber systems model at a community scale.

About our guest speaker Rebecca Burgess:

Rebecca Burgess is the Executive Director of Fibershed and Chair of the Board for Carbon Cycle Institute. She has over a decade of experience writing and implementing hands-on curriculum that focuses on the intersection of restoration ecology and fiber systems. She has taught at Westminster College, Harvard University, and has created workshops for a range of NGOs and corporations. She is the author of the best-selling book Harvesting Color, a bioregional look into the natural dye traditions of North America. She has built an extensive network of farmers and artisans within their region’s Northern California Fibershed to pilot the regenerative fiber systems model at the community scale.

Join Adriana Marina and Rebecca Burguess on Wednesday August 19 at 12 PM (Buenos Aires Time).

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