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Arts and Crafts. Fabric the Change

Artisans and local craftsmanship are safeguards of ancestral knowledge and tremendous talent. Passed on from generation to generation, these skills dance a delicate dance with nature, teaching us ways to care for our ecosystem and our communities. These arts are important tools for a sustainable future, which are increasingly being threatened with extinction.

Since 2008, Hecho x Nosotros has organized workshops for local artisans across Patagonia and the Andes with the objective of strengthening the well-being of local communities and preserving ancestral knowledge. The Arts and Crafts program of University HxN is currently open to all Latin American, African, and Indian artisans.

Our goal is to help artisans develop skills to compete in the market through sound business and production plans, strong product design, and opportunities to connect with other artisans. In this vein, we work with decentralized financing and blockchain as a means to empower artisans and develop Digital Identities, or "passports of good practices." Additionally, we harness EdTech as a means to provide our artisans certifications and connections. We firmly believe in the power of technology as a tool to activate so much potential in artisans communities around the world.

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