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Our bridge to the market

This social business B-Corp promotes the revival of the Andes's culture, arts, and ancient secrets to produce high-quality, fashionable clothing.

Fairtrade, local human development, and environmentally friendly production.

The dream of a sustainable fashion

In 2009, Adriana Marina founded animaná, a sustainable luxury fashion brand, which serves as proof of the concept of Hecho por Nosotros in action and as an example of an ethical fashion model promoting ancestral techniques and savoir-faire. Together, animaná and Hecho por Nosotros have provided training, support, and occupations for over 7,500 artisans in rural Argentina, all working towards the same goal: the co-creation of a sustainable future.




Our Sustainable Value Chain


Animaná and Hecho x Nosotros have been working together for more than 10 years with ethical, sustainable and ecological practices. 

Our Value Chain inlcudes the use of natural fibers, hand made processes and products, ancestral and traditional knowledge, responsible consumers and biodegradable products. 

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