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About us

Hecho x Nosotros is a non-profit NGO with consultative status in the UN that promotes sustainability in the fashion industry, based on the principles of circularity and social inclusion

Our work

We work closely with artisans and Small and Medium Enterprises to develop positive management and communication practices which contribute to job creation and further growth of the camelid fiber industry in South America.


In the last 10 years we have managed to make an impact in the life of more than 7500 artisans and producers by the development of design training workshops and educational programs leading by our experts. 

Adriana's vision

"A reimagined fashion and textile industry where technology advances, and empowers the business and knowledge of artisans and Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises, often marginalized in the global fashion economy, validating their wisdom, sustainable techniques, processes and natural fibers contributing towards an inclusive model based on sustainability, circularity and co-creation".

(Adriana Marina, Founder of Hecho x Nosotros)

Main partners

A bridge to the market

With the aim of generating a deep and long-term impact, Adriana, together with the team, worked to unite two worlds: on the one hand, revaluing local techniques and talents and, on the other, bringing them closer to influential fashion people, with the aim of inspiring them in a sustainable fashion model. One of the first initiatives was to make the arts of the Andes known in European fashion.

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Sustainability is a choice

Be part of the choice to put sustainable fashion in the spotlight.


Email: info@hechoxnostros.org


Buenos Aires, Argentina


Registered NGO with ECOSOC consultative status at the United Nations.

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