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Youth for Youth

In a transition scenario as the one we are in, traditional hierarchies begin to break down to give way to new systems. Capacity building thus is less about transfer of knowledge but more about learning together and co-creating new patterns and structures that can serve the emergence of a new system of influence. 

The “HxN Youth for Youth” program is a sustainability and circularity education scheme that is centered on the fashion world and its possible revolutions from within. Its aim is to provide young people (between 16 and 25 years old) with educational material, practical tools, and a digital platform to empower them as changemakers in the fashion industry. 


The idea is to gather students from all around the world and give them the opportunity to learn, gain skills, and exchange ideas on how to drive sustainability and circular fashion forward. As part of the program, they will be engaged in a series of activities and events aimed at promoting a more transparent, fair, and accountable fashion industry. 


By adding their powerful voices to the HxN movement, the program participants will become part of systemic and revolutionary change in favor of human and nature’s rights. 

Ready to be a changemaker?

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