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Women’s Initiative for Social Entrepreneurship

HxN has been selected for a WISE Latin America mentorship program. WISE stands for  Women in STEM (science, technology, engineering & mathematics) Entrepreneurship. The program consists of monthly meetings with business development mentors who will guide us in the pivotal next step in scaling our organization.


One of WISE Latin America’s key objectives is to foster an entrepreneurial spirit among women and support high-impact business initiatives. Their expertise will guide us to develop an interactive platform to showcase our educational resources and capacity-building tools. Moreover, they will help us amplify our impact on MSME suppliers—most of whom are women— through capacity building, market access, and livelihood creation.  

These are critical aspects since increased market access, in tandem with capacity-building efforts, has been shown to alleviate poverty, strengthen livelihoods, and generate enduring economic growth. In our globalized economy, competition is fiercer than ever, and MSMEs lack the political and financial support to integrate their value chains with global markets.

We believe technology implementation is crucial to facilitate equitable market access. Therefore, HxN is creating an open-access digital marketplace to promote a more sustainable value chain and empower workers in the fashion industry.

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