What We Do​

Hecho por Nosotros is a non-profit NGO with consultative status in the United Nations. We work to promote sustainability in the world of fashion, with a strong focus on research and education projects, to understand the industry and its problems better, and to find comprehensive solutions for creating the new paradigm of sustainable fashion industry.


Our work is strongly linked to natural fibers, sustainable development, local development - initiatives that have a positive impact on the environment, local development, economy and social well-being.



Since the beginning Hecho por Nosotros has lead capacity-building workshops and educational programs for local artisans throughout the Andean region; research programs, seminars, workshops and webinars on sustainable fashion, design, natural fibres andartisanry; have had numerous publications published in Spanish, English and Portuguese (and counting!), as well as organised various calls for collaborators, designers to participate its programs and activities.

Our Impact


Working with Artisans


In the past ten years we have impacted the lives of thousands of artisans through our capacity building work; we have taught them about modern designs, sustainable production and integrated them with the international fashion market.


  • We increased the capacity of 27 fiber producers and 346 groups of artisans, amounting to 3023 people + their families.

  • We developed a business network of roughly 7500 artisans who can meet the market demand in terms of volume and quality standards, integrating them with the global market and giving them more economic opportunities.

  • In 2017, under Fair Trade practices, we spent $100,000 in Andean communities, buying 4,000 products made from 800 kg of fiber.


Engaging the Industry


As part of our mission, we have been engaging with the industry from the start, shaping the next generation of fashion designers in collaboration with fashion schools, and working directly with internationally renowned designers.

  • We trained 1500 fashion students in sustainable fashion.

  • collaborated with 21 universities and 200+ organizations on the sustainable development of the industry.

  • Organized 30 workshops with international designers and artisans in five countries



Changing the paradigm


We have been spreading our message of change at many regional and international fora, informing the people with power about the challenges, but also the potential solutions, that we have.

  • We have obtained consultative status with UN Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC). A very important step that allows us to share our knowledge with those that will shape the industry further.

  • We have collaborated with various international (UN) agencies such as UNIDO, UNCTAD, ECLAC, CYTED, WTO, and we are member of NGO Major Group, Together2030 and various other international collaboration platforms.

  • We have become Fellows at Ashoka, Fabric of Change and GlobalizerX, as well as members of B Corp and Common Objective. Together we are making sustainable businesses the new normal.


We Need Your Support Today!

Sustainability is a choice

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Email: info@hechoxnostros.org


Buenos Aires, Argentina


Registered NGO with ECOSOC consultative status at the United Nations.

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