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Vision and philosophy

Our dream is to create unique products for consumers who are looking for quality and elegance that generates a positive social and environmental impact.


Our vision

Our vision focuses on learning from artisans and MSME’s as we believe that solutions come from the grassroots of the industry and that these communities hold the key to generating a systemic change. We partner up to create strategies in order to transform and upgrade their organizations together in a way that is the best for their community, stakeholders, and objectives.


Value chain evolution

The main objective is to solve the disconnection between consumers and disenfranchised artisans, through the implementation of a circular self-reinforcing system.

Current value chain

Linear chain.png

Uninformed consumers lack knowledge of the quality of the products.

Brands & intermediaries rise more pollution and labor abuse.
Artisans lack access to education and market demand, remaining low income.

Toward an inclusive sustainable camelids value chain

Circular chain.png


A self-reinforcing system helps the industry integrated with the global market.
Increasement of job opportunities and income of the artisans.
Preserved biodiversity and culture, improved sustainable production.

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