Vision and Philosophy

"A reimagined fashion and textile industry where technology advances, and empowers the business and knowledge of artisans and Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises, often marginalized in the global fashion economy, validating their wisdom, sustainable techniques, processes and natural fibers contributing towards an inclusive model based on sustainability, circularity and co-creation."

Adriana Marina.
Founder of Hecho x Nosotros

Our Vision

Our vision focuses on learning from artisans and MSME’s as we believe that solutions come from the grassroots of the industry and that these communities hold the key to generate a systemic change. We partner up to create strategies in order to transform and upgrade their organizations together in a way that is the best for their community, stakeholders and objectives.

Current value chain: linear model

Toward an inclusive sustainable camelids value chain

Our dream

Creates unique products for consumers who are looking for quality and elegance that generates a positive social and environmental impact 

Sustainability is a choice

Be part of the choice to put sustainable fashion in the spotlight.


Buenos Aires, Argentina


Registered NGO with ECOSOC consultative status at the United Nations.

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