About Hecho x Nosotros

Hecho x Nosotros is proud to be an NGO with a strong focus on research and education projects aimed at understanding the fashion industry and the issues associated with it on a deeper level. Together with our incredible global network of diverse professionals, we work to find comprehensive solutions for helping re-shape a new paradigm for the sustainable fashion industry. 

Our work strongly revolves around preserving ancestral cultural techniques linked to natural fibers, which are crucial for advancing with sustainable practices. Since the beginning, Hecho x Nosotros has led capacity-building workshops and educational programs for local artisans throughout the Andean region; research programs, seminars, workshops, and webinars on topics such as ethical fashion, design, sustainability concepts, and many more relevant themes. Our partnerships, associations, and collaboration with international organizations in the private and public sectors have granted us the opportunity to implement change at the local levels and expand globally. HxN believes that everyone can be a “changemaker”. In addition to having numerous influential publications produced in different languages such as Spanish, English, and Portuguese; we also strive to educate and inform the general public through our articles covering a wide range of topics.

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Sustainability is a choice

Be part of the choice to put sustainable fashion in the spotlight.


Email: info@hechoxnostros.org


Buenos Aires, Argentina


Registered NGO with ECOSOC consultative status at the United Nations.