Systemic change, social innovation, and sustainable development

Since 2008, Hecho x Nosotros has co-created courses, seminars, webinars, workshops, training, and roundtable sessions to involve students, entrepreneurs, designers, professionals from different disciplines, and Ashoka fellows, as well as other NGOs, international organizations, and universities.


As a member of the Economic and Social Council of the UN (Ecosoc) and an Ashoka fellow, University HxN was created to build a global community of change agents to accelerate the transition towards a sustainable future. 


University HxN is a multidisciplinary program that focuses on teaching the paradigm of systemic change, social innovation, sustainability principles, and the Sustainable Development Goals as key elements to achieve long-term social and economic changes.


Founded from the perspective of active learning to achieve theoretical principles, University HxN’s objective is to help students, professors, professionals, and entrepreneurs develop critical thinking relating to sustainability and an interdisciplinary vision to integrate sustainable options within various industries.