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Webinar 30.7: Internship Experiences in the Sustainable Fashion Industry

Adriana Marina (founder of the NGO Hecho por Nosotros and B-Corp animaná) is happy to host Ella Peters. Ella will be sharing her experiences in obtaining an internship in the sustainable fashion industry, working in different artisan-focussed organisations and the challenges she faced with her work. The focus will be on getting MSMEs fair trade certified.

About our guest speaker Ella Peters:

She is studying International Development Management and majoring in sustainable value chains at Van Hall Larenstein University of Applied Science in Velp, Netherlands. Ella has recently completed her minor in Textiles Technology at the Technical University of Liberec, Czech Republic. This covers aspects from clothing construction to textiles testing as well as comfort and transport properties of textiles.

After completing a three-month internship at an ethical knit and crochet wear manufacturing house in Bolivia, she is certain that she wants to pursue a career in this industry. Furthermore, Ella has taken an online course in fashion and sustainability from London College of Fashion which greatly increased her interest in sustainable fashion.

She has been interning at HxN for the last few months, mainly working on a toolkit.

Join Adriana Marina and Ella Peters on Thursday July 30 at 11 AM (Buenos Aires Time).

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