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Webinar 3.7: Regenerative livestock production: part of the solution to climate change

Adriana Marina (founder of the NGO Hecho por Nosotros and animaná) is proud to host Pablo Borrelli. They will discuss climate change and environmental degradation and their accumulating effects that will lead to a global crisis. Beyond emission reduction strategies, it is not feasible for humanity to cope with climate change without the regeneration of living soils as the natural sink for excess CO2. Regenerative livestock production is a real, scalable, multi-benefit proposal that has the chance of capturing massive amounts of carbon while providing natural fibers, nutrient dense foods and other environmental services as clean, pure water and biodiversity.

About our guest speaker Pablo Borrelli:

Pablo is an agronomist who co-founded Ovis 21, a certified B Corporation. He's also a Holistic Management Trainer and a Hub Leader in Argentina for the Savory Network, as well as a Project Manager of Ecological Outcome Verification at the Savory Institute.

Join Adriana Marina and Pablo Borrelli on Friday July 3 at 4:00 PM (Buenos Aires Time).

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