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Webinar 15.9: Implementation of Sustainability Measures in Businesses-Case Studies

Opportunities, Hurdles, Recipes for Success

Adriana Marina (founder of the NGO Hecho por Nosotros and B-Corp animaná) is happy to host Pamela Ravasio. Together, they will clarify some important points for every entrepreneur. What is is required for businesses to stand a chance to implement sustainability measures successfully? What attributes embody opportunities? And which will lead to an obstacle course? Are there more promising approaches than others? What can we learn from existing successes and failures? Adriana and Pamela will discuss the answers.

About our guest speaker Pamela Ravasio:

Pamela is a PhD, she specialises in corporate governance and responsibility (CR), with a strong link to innovation processes and digitalisation. She has worked as consultant with very small and very (very) big companies, and taken on corporate roles as Global Stakeholder Manager, and as Head of CSR & Sustainability.

Under her leadership, the European outdoor industry developed into a leader in future-proofing an industry dominated by SMEs, private capital and family companies.

She is a published author and public speaker, and a certified INSEAD IDP-C board director. She is further a member of the advisory boards and has held steering committee roles in the multi-stakeholder (MSI) and start-up space. A graduate in Computer Science with a PhD in Human-Computer Interaction, she has worked and lived globally for many years.

Join Adriana Marina and Pamela Ravasio on Tuesday September 15 at 11 AM (Buenos Aires Time).

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