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UN High-Level Political Forum 2020: HxN invites you to the UN side event, Igniting Circular Fashion!

On July 7th, Hecho por Nosotros will host a side event at the United Nations High-Level Political Forum. This event will focus on how the fashion industry can be a powerful key player in accelerating the action that is needed to achieve the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The work of Hecho por Nosotros contributes to the realization of nearly all of the UN SDGs. In this event, speakers will highlight SDG 12 in their discussions, which aims to promote emerging environmental and people-friendly business models, bring fair and transparent practices to all actors throughout the value chain, and serve as a conscious advocate for inclusive development.

Hecho por Nosotros has participated in the HLPF every year since 2017. The organization earned its consultative status with the Economic and Social Commission (ECOSOC) of the United Nations (UN) in 2016. Together, the groups advance sustainable development and civil society participation in the UN, in order to achieve the objectives of the 2030 Agenda.

Fashion and apparel, a $2.5 trillion global industry, involves the entire gamut of society and generates enormous environmental impact. This industry is responsible for 10% of global carbon emissions and it is the second-largest in water and waste worldwide. Even though it provides the second-largest source of employment in the world, it is also accountable for “modern-day slavery”, which is characterized by often exacerbating low wages and poor working conditions. High levels of gender discrimination can also be observed, with women representing 80% of the total employees across the supply chain (UN,2020).

That is why it is essential to include the fashion and apparel industry as a key growth area in the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development to advance in the SDGs.

Hecho por Nosotros’ in this event, titled “Igniting Circular Fashion: Strengthening local value chains through transparency and traceability”, will present an interdisciplinary panel of leaders who will discuss barriers to circularity and sustainability in the fashion industry, and share practical solutions for actors.

The members of the panel will include Maria Teresa Pisani from UNECE, Ian Cronin from the World Economic Forum, the former Dean of Fashion at Parsons School of Design, Burak Cakmak, and Pranav Khanna, a strategic advisor for Hecho por Nosotros.

To kick off the event, the panel will showcase perspectives from experts and practitioners across sectors to enrich an interactive conversation on the impact of integrating micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) within global markets and the role that technology plays in facilitating this integration.

Following the panel discussion, the event will channel participants into “living room” breakout sessions. In small groups, participants will engage with leaders on a range of topics, sharing insights and arriving at a "call to action" that inspires actors to take an active role in the sustainable fashion movement.

There will be twelve “living rooms,” covering a wide array of topics:

  • Understanding Traceability and Transparency with Maria Teresa Pisani

  • Design Thinking: A Tool for Innovation and Problem-Solving in the Fashion Industry with Tricia Langman (Portland Fashion Institute)

  • Reinterpreting Value Chains as Circular Models with Ceyhun Elgin (Director of the MA Program at Columbia University and Professor of Economics at Bogazici University)

  • Exploring the Relationship between Large Firms and MSMEs with Joellen Nicholson (Strategic GTM & Sustainability Advisor at Jaxx Hound)

  • Bridging Gaps for MSMEs with Jennifer Fisher (Advocate for sustainable creative economies)

  • Artisans as Key Actors in Achieving Circularity with Adriana Marina (founder of B corp animaná and Hecho por Nosotros)

  • Blockchain and Creative Industries with Manuel Knott (Researcher Ph.D. Student at Universität Passau) and Pranav Khanna (Hecho por Nosotros strategic advisor)

  • Education for Systemic Change with Mónica Marcela Sánchez Duarte (Universidad de La Sabana) and Burak Cakmak (Former Dean of Fashion at Parson’s School of Design)

  • Design and Sustainable Fashion in Africa with Yvonne Ntiamoah (PhD Researcher in the area of “Contextualised Higher Education's in Fashion Pedagogy in Ghana")

  • Sustainable Storytelling with Bunny Yan (Marketing advisor specialized in fashion and sustainability)

  • Women in Fashion with Britta Cabanos (Director Inside Fashion Design & Design Director Creative Capital Design) and Rebecca Ward (Partner-Owner and Chief Creative Officer at Creative Capital Design)

  • Sustainable Development Goals and Fashion with Belén Pappolla (Representative to the United Nations, Hecho por Nosotros) and Laura Huerta Aragón (Sustainability Manager at Schweppes International Limited)

We invite you to join us by registering for this event on the link below! See you there!

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