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Sustainable Lifestyles: Our Homes

What do we mean by sustainable lifestyles? What is the connection with our homes?

The fashion industry has always been linked to theinterior design. Trends and models of production are shared by the two of them. Textiles and materials, paints, coatings and furniture, among others, have been part of the same form of production and consumption, a linear system based on the extraction of resources from the ecosystem, to produce belongings and after a brief use discard them, generating in this whole process immense quantities of waste and pollution. During decades all of us have been rearly wondering where the products come from, what kind of process they are result of and where do they go after we discard them. The lack of questioning has led us to the unconscious use of garments, objects and materials that have negative impacts on our health, quality of life and on our environment. We have to be conscious that we are a huge part of this system and if we do not change, everything will remain the same.

What kind of solutions could us be searching for?

We must change our paradigm starting today. The best B corp animaná and Hecho por Nosotros are demonstrating that this change is possible. This linear economy model, that goes with the fast fashion model, require all of us to get involve so that the systemic change is possible.

Circular fashion and circular economy seek to apply three principles :

1) Eliminate or minimize scrap waste and contamination.

2) Maintain in a usable form both products and materials for as long as possible. Lengthen their lifespans and expand the ability to re-use, re-purpose, and recycle products, their components, and the materials they’re made of.

3) Restore the environment by avoiding the use of non-renewable resources and using and improving renewable resources.

Thursday 5th march at 7:00 pm, Adriana Marina, founder of animaaná and Hecho por Nosotros, will be talking about the importance of sustainable lifestyles applied to our homes, together with the architect and interior designer Julia Salas. In this meeting we will talk about this subject and share the knowledge and experience with textiles and natural fibers from Latin America as a local resource. We are also going to be sharing alternatives to be more sustainable to improve our quality of life by incorporaiting sustainable materials into our houses. Keep in mind that when we are thinking about becoming more sustainable at home will have a positive impact in your whole family.

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