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MSME Day 2019

United Nations: Micro-Small and Medium-sized Enterprise Day June 26-27 at the United Nations Plaza, New York City In April 2017, the UN made a commitment to recognize the vital role micro-small and medium-sized enterprises play in achieving Sustainable Development Goals.

This year to raise awareness, the UN in partnership with the Permanent Mission of Argentina and International Council of Small Business (ICSB) will be holding presentations. These presentations will discuss Entrepreneurship and Peace for Development and Unlocking the Potential of MSMEs to Contribute to the SDGs. animaná and Hecho Por Nosotros will be present with our Representative at UN María Belén Páppolla sharing our experience and tools as an MSME and how we strive towards the SDGs.

animaná and Hecho Por Nosotros agility and promotion of innovation and sustainability have and is achieving great momentum through a collaborative network of academics and SME firms across Latin America. MSMEs are crucial in supporting societal needs such as inclusivity and job creation. We are excited to be a part of celebrating MSME Day as we raise awareness, educate, and mobilize people and organizations with a focus in women and young people of the Andes and all Latin america.

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