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HxN invites you to celebrate UN75

HxN and Animaná are pleased to share in the United Nations’ (UN) 75th anniversary celebrations this year. The UN is celebrating with the future in mind. A survey has been created to have your voice heard on the topic of “help us create a better future, your solution to a better world” The UN poses seven questions in this short survey giving you the opportunity to share which issues are at the top of your priority list. These questions regarding the future, global collaboration, and solidarity are of the utmost importance especially now during the unprecedented global pandemic that is COVID-19. 

So take a moment to share your thoughts and opinions which will inform global priorities not just now but for years to come. Don’t forget to tag us on Instagram when you are done @hechoxnosotros to let us know that you “just told the UN Secretary-General my solution for a better world” #UN75 #HxNchangemaker

Link to the survey:

Note: Hailey Matarese & Alondra Magana HXN collaborators

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