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Coloquio PERTENENCIAS: stories of migrant women in the Mueseo de Arte Popular José Hernandez.

The José Hernandez Museum has organized a series of events and workshops around the subject of immigration in Latin America, with the focus on women artisans and the exchange of technical knowledge generated by migration.

This initiative seeks to share testimonies through talks and presentations, as well as knowledge through workshops where migrant artisans from bordering countries share their ancestral knowledge about textile techniques. The exhibition “BELONGINGS: Stories of Migrant Women” set a relevant backdrop for a discussion held to address the problems of design in relation to culture and migration.

Along with Clara de la Torre and Diana Dai (Manto), Luz Azpajou and Alejandra Gottelli (Cubreme), Adriana Marina participated in the CONSCIOUS DESIGN panel and shared her experience in the field and the challenges of carrying out a sustainable business in a market dominated by fast fashion and mass consumption. The businesswomen agreed on the importance of craftsmanship as a source of work in rural areas, connection with culture, and the importance of revaluing natural fibers for sustainable design.

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