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HECHO X NOSOTROS & Animaná Collaborate for Systemic Change in the Fashion,Leather & Textile Industry

The world is swamped with programs and projects around #sustainability. More and more, there is a growing number of ideas that promise to generate huge social, environmental and economic impacts. However, there are still few real solutions giving answers to global challenges.

Hecho por Nosotros & animaná are co-creating local and global solutions working hand in hand with the grassroots and global leaders for a more sustainable future. Sustainability includes regional cooperation, circular economic models, inclusion, integration of value chains, visibility of women, youth and children, misuse of the environment and strategies that lead to the implementation of strengthening and holistic models.

One of the major challenges global society faces today is climate change. What can we expect from COP 26? What are the key issues we consider essential to guarantee inclusive social development and thriving ecosystems?

We invite you to be part of this dialogue where global leaders will give their insights regarding these questions that will take place virtually on Tuesday, October 26th at 10.30 am (New York). This event will be followed by a second discussion after COP 26, to analyze what was effectively achieved around these key issues.

Hecho por nosotros worldwide leaders Pranav Khanna, Tricia Langman, Julia Salas, Lucie Lamandé and Carla Victoria Albornoz will participate. We are honoured of receiving as Special Guest Nick Anguelov.

It is a co-creation dialogue so please sign if you would like to participate actively:

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