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Lecture 11.3: Hecho x Nosotros & animaná at Chelsea College of Arts

The best Bcorp animaná & NGO Hecho Por Nosotros will be sharing experiences with a lecture next Wednesday 11th March at 11.00hs at Chelsea College of Arts, University of Arts of London (UAL).  We will be presenting the work of the last ten years in Patagonia & the Andes and how our work model and sustainable production can be used in different places of the world.

Chelsea is a leading voice in the world of sustainability and it’s where the Centre for Circular Design (CCD) is based, a research hub that focuses on using practice research approaches to originate, steer and support circular technologies, economies and communities around the globe. They also offer a one-day course called “Design for Sustainability- Fashion and Textiles”, where students from all levels can learn how to make textile decisions to create more sustainable materials and products.

Since the very beginning Adriana Marina through animaná was looking to attract the attention of new generations of designers, fashion and textiles professionals on artisans work and sustainable ways of production.

One of the main objectives through all these years has been to impulse designers to be main actors of a Fashion for good. From the University Hecho x Nosotros we propose some way of communion between designers and artisans where they can exchange knowledge about materials, techniques, tools and experiences to elaborate together great sensible designs. We consider it is really important to spread knowledge and experiences into design schools about the role of designers in promoting more inclusive practices and diverse business models accompanied by our perspective as a business and non-profit leader in this particular area. We need to incentive and tie together technological tools that can generate bridges between all actors involved.

There is a need to understand that our daily decisions can change the incentive structure so that the innovation and business ecosystem with social and environmental responsible practices can thrive. We must ensure that it is clear that collaboration and dialogue are long processes that require our passion and perseverance, but give rise to great opportunities and improvements in the well-being of the global society.

Together, the University Hecho x Nosotros, animaná and Chelsea College of Arts, are creating medium and long-term solutions that will allow the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals to be not only an agenda but a living framework of transformation of our systems.

Every year more and more designers, professionals and students are joining our NGOworldwide. In this way we are creating a huge community that shares our mission.

If you want to join us please send us an email:

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