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Hecho por Nosotros and B Corp Animaná Selected as Models for Systemic Change by IKEA and Ashoka

Hecho por Nosotros and B Corp Animaná have been chosen as models for systemic change in the Ashoka Globalizer international council as part of the Dela Accelerator Program, jointly run by IKEA and Ashoka.

A Win – Win Success!

After a competitive selection process, animaná and Hecho por Nosotros are proud to announce their participation in the Dela Accelerator Program.

This program was created by Ashoka and IKEA Social Entrepreneurship with the aim of making a real impact on different industries and sectors, in collaboration with various social entrepreneurs, to develop solutions that help create inclusion, equality and decent livelihoods.

The accelerator program operates using two-way, open dialogue with the chosen organizations. On the one hand, HxN receives advice and insight from the IKEA team, and on the other, IKEA has the opportunity to learn from HxN's practices and ideas. Dela in Swedish means to share, and the accelerator does just that; be it ideas, networks or skills!

Our main proposal for the Dela program is the creation of an HXN Toolkit, which aims to promote circular, sustainable fashion via collaboration and the development of traceability tools based on blockchain technology. We would like to point out that our project is clearly aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals while encouraging technical cooperation.

Adriana Marina, the founder of HxN, states: “We are very excited to have been accepted onto the IKEA program as a benchmark for systemic change, providing us with an opportunity to scale up the technological elements of HxN's work so that our efforts may have a greater positive impact on the environment, local development, economy, and social well-being”. Marina adds: “involvement in this project allows us to learn firsthand from international advisers from Microsoft, OECD, IKEA, Ashoka, and JP Morgan. This gives us the chance to develop best practices, perfecting our business model by way of technology. This means we can provide a digital platform and blockchain technology that strengthen the hand of SMEs in the fashion and textile industry in Latin America and Africa”.

Marina believes that taking part in the program will be a gamechanger, helping HxN scale up their vision towards a paradigm shift in the fashion and textile industries.

The Dela Accelerator Program will provide support to Adriana Marina at animaná and HxN to help improve the ability of artisans to compete in the global market. Further support will be provided to develop transparent, traceable, socially responsible, and environmentally friendly business practices, as well as to strengthen a framework of sustainable practices, and a systemic shift towards regenerative, circular processes.

The work of the Dela accelerator revolves around solving root problems through collaborative approaches with the aim of strengthening and broadening the scope of the work of social entrepreneurs. The program began early October with a virtual launch event that connected participants from across the globe. It also includes 6 months' worth of mentorship by IKEA co-workers.

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