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Great Impact and Little Visibility: The Problem of Small Business

By Evangelina Sosa

It is quite simple to know the actions carried out by large companies in terms of

sustainability, since most are published in their annual reports; and these can be

consulted online.

Information has become a tool to manage consumption, and for this reason, visibility

and transparency are key points in any business strategy. So how does disclosure

work for a small and medium-scale sustainability project?

Visibility depends a lot on the organization that is promoting the project and the

alliances with its strategic partners, which can be universities, government agencies

or even some journalistic media.

When Visibility is the Action Plan

During 2019, a foundation in the area of the province of Chaco, Argentina, carried out

an action to convene clothing designers in order to create a collection using

regenerative design principles. The objective of this campaign was to publicize the

problems of the Qom community, aborigines from the north of the country.

Several months later, in April of last year, the clothing collection of the wellness line

came out, which is made up of blankets and robes, which were manufactured with

organic cotton, grown by families from the Qom community.

The cotton crop that the community works on does not contain any type of pesticide,

which allows the development of the cotton plant to be more productive, since it can

flower up to three times more than one that receives a chemical treatment.

The success story of this type of enterprise demonstrates that collaborative work is

the way to promote systemic change, as promoted by the Animaná team together

with the Andean community.

The visibility of this type of achievement continues to be the key when it comes to

positioning the products that are generated, which is why it is so important to work

with strategic partners that allow the promotion of results that are beneficial for the

economy, society, and the environment.


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