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Fashion & Human Rights: Deconstructing the Illusion, Reshaping Reality

Come join us at HxN as we discuss issues pertaining to the heart of the fashion industry: garment workers. Our focus will be sharply on human rights.

About this event

Everyone is welcome to join us on May 14th at 4pm Buenos Aires/ 3pm EST, as we embark on the challenge of bringing issues related to human rights and the need for transparency within the fashion industry to light. On the agenda is an enlighting dialogue focusing on sustainable solutions to address fashion's controversial practices. You can join this conversation with:

- Adriana Marina - Founder of HxN & Animaná, HxN's sister social enterprise

- Cara Hagan - GoodWeave & HxN Collaborator

- Hannah Bobker - HxN Collaborator

See you there!

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