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Creative industries and Collaboration: Mylene Rizzo, B-Corp Animaná e NGO Hecho por Nosotros

Collaboration co-creation for a better world

The biggest challenge of our times is to find a purpose for our existence. A job, any work is not enough anymore, it must have a meaning…ideally.

In this Collab with Animana company within the NGO Hecho por Nosotros, in a graphic intervention work, where my embroidery was inserted into photographs of the products that have a bias to foster creativity and value the original products of native South American people.

The determinant element in this search is the feeling that we are helping to build a better world, whether reducing suffering or pursuing sustentability values. Or even, to a greater extent challenging, that this activity seems to us in tune with our most genuine talents or interests, our cultural roots.

But the art we carry within us needs perseverance, patience and resilience.

There is not guarantee reward, only the certainly of work and uncertanties about life are inevitable conditions for the human nature.

Congress Link:

Mylene Rizzo for Vogue magazine

@ateliermylenerizzo / @animanaonline / @hechoxnosotros

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