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Hecho Por Nosotros and Animaná Giving Voice to the Systemic Change in Fashion at the HLPF Agenda

Collaboration as a tool for achieving SDGs in the fashion industry

On July 9th, Hecho por Nosotros & animaná hosted a side event at the United Nations High-Level Political Forum Towards Sustainable Development. The event, titled "Building Resilient Circular Supply Chains by Empowering Grassroots Action: Collaboration as a tool for achieving SDGs in Fashion" was an opportunity to debate the role of hand workers, MSMEs, and cooperatives in building resilient and ethical value chains in today’s current critical context of a global pandemic.

The dialogue was hosted by Adriana Marina, Founder at Hecho por Nosotros & animaná; Pranav Khanna, Hecho por Nosotros Partner & Climate Change Specialist; and Tricia Langman, Hecho por Nosotros Partner & Circular Fashion Specialist. The panel of experts included: Radhika Shah (Co-President of Stanford Angels & Entrepreneurs), Andrew Moose (WEF Head of Retail, Consumer Goods), Dr. Kate Goldsworthy (Co-Director, Centre for Circular Design, University of the Arts London& Lifestyle Industries World Economic Forum), Craig Wilson (Loyalty Architect, Entrepreneur, Strategist, Author, and Coach) and Francesca Rinaldi and Teresa Pisani (UNECE PROGRAM ‘Enhancing Transparency and Traceability of Sustainable Value Chains in Garment and Footwear’) announcing Jointly to Hecho Por Nosotros: The launch of The Sustainability Pledge.

Conversations were held around co-creation, circular economy, and empowerment for grassroots levels organizations of the textile and fashion industry, particularly through promoting technological and digital inclusion. Using technology as leverage has been the root of the collaborative network. Just like Adriana Marina’s vision, Hecho por Nosotros was born to promote dialogue and to provide an ecosystem bringing together artisans, hand workers, producers, designers, big brands, and all the other stakeholders in the industry. This ecosystem invites everyone to build “a reimagined fashion and textile industry where technology advances and empowers the business and knowledge of artisans, micro and small-medium enterprises who are often marginalized in the global fashion economy. We want to validate their wisdom, sustainable techniques, processes, and natural fibers.”

The NGO Hecho por Nosotros & the B-Corp animaná focus on promoting sustainability, transparency, and traceability in the fashion and textile industry through co-creation and multi-stakeholder collaboration. Through dialogue with artisans, local communities, and hand workers, we foster the adoption and sharing of circular economy practices. With more than ten years of internationally-renowned experience in circular fashion, we co-create solutions towards systemic change in the fashion industry.

During the panel, collaboration and dialogue among all the attendants were encouraged through breakout room discussions. In each session, the audience had the opportunity to discuss a specific challenge faced by the industry today with a global leader, expert in sustainability and circularity in the fashion and textile industry.

Event report

Keep reading and learn more about the event, take a look at the report:

Front and first page of a magazine showing the event report.

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Thank you for taking the initiative to innovate. The world needs to move forward with creative ideas on how to recycle, repurpose and reduce waste fabric.


This is so innovative and enriching ! Loved it !

Prof. Dr. Lady Anita Singh Matharu

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