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B-Women meeting in Perú.

Hecho x Nosotros and animaná participated in the first #networking of #mujeresB in Lima, Peru.

B Womenis a global network of women entrepreneurs that promotes a triple-impact regenerative and inclusive economy. Trust in the strength of the Alliances to work collaboratively for Gender Equity and the Climate Crisis, three of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the UN.

The meeting worked on:

· Personal and business goals for women entrepreneurs.

· Gender equality.

· Climate Action.

This initiative was led by #MujeresBLatAm and Sistema B PERÚ, Cecilia Mora and Cecilia Picoaga Hecho por Nosotros ambassadors in Perú were present, as well as Jennifer Milla (Consultant and Professor at Universidad de Pacífico) Guillermo Navarro (@UNCuLAB), Yvette Johnson and Mariale Soto Ruiz (Sistema), Evelyn Padilla (Women in mining Peru), Lorena Saldaña (Hakuna Matata Services) and Milagros Ibarra Ceras (Women B LatAm)

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