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10.3: animaná & HECHO X NOSOTROS with London’s Central Saint Martins - University of the Arts.

We shared our vision of systemic change in the fashion industry with students and sustainability experts in the design faculty at London’s Central Saint Martins - University of the Arts.

We have been invited by London’s Central Saint Martins to give a conference on why we created animaná and how it’s evolved to become a disruptive business model in the fashion industry. All of this has been possible thanks to animaná and Hecho x Nosotros’ ambassadors in London who work with us on a daily basis from a distance.

With renewed vigor, we’re taking advantage of the opportunity to bridge Andean cultures, small businesses with triple impact models, and design, not only to spur local development but to drive a future where sustainable fashion is the norm. We show the world ancestral arts, artisan work methods, and natural fibers local to the region, many of which are unknown in international design schools, such as those from camelids.

We invite universities to be a part of our work and to join us in keep building a business with purpose. We believe that young people will be the ones to carry on sustainable practices and build better the world for the benefit of us all.

Today the crisis we’re in shows us that we’ve exceeded nature’s limits. But even though the path to a solution won’t be simple, we must join together to find ways to transform companies into tools that support and promote the general wellbeing.

The only way to do this is to look within ourselves and find strength that allows us to adapt, overcome our fears, and break through tendencies toward acquiescence and complacency. In doing so, we are confident we will find new ways to produce and consume – ways that will bring us full circle to our ancestors’ time and allow us once again to be respectful to all that the Earth has given us.

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