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An exchange of knowledge between the world and local wisdom

Webinar with Adriana Marina at the University of Anáhuac - Monday 19.03.2021

In the context of the Anáhuac University of Mexico, teachers from the School of Design received the webinar given by Adriana Marina, founder of Hecho x Nosotros and animaná, on the presentation of the Toolkit Igniting circular and sustainable fashion through collaboration; a platform that helps to find local problems and generate solutions.

Through 11-years of research in the field, Adriana Marina found the enormous difficulties that the artisans have to create products with added value and to compete in the international markets. That is why she managed to bring together various actors from the Andes, Patagonia, northern Argentina, Peru, Bolivia and Mexico, with artisans and small and medium-sized local enterprises, within an ecosystem that collects information about opportunities for integration of good practices with business. It is an exchange of knowledge between the world and local wisdom.

This collaborative model, aligned with the objectives of sustainable development of the UN, allows the creation of social networks of knowledge between the different members, who by sharing resources, perspectives, experiences and tools for capacity development, make it possible to overcome the fragmented nature of value chains, work towards the co-creation of more informed, contextual and inclusive strategies, and achieve to form alliances to create together a fair, ethical and sustainable fashion industry.

For this reason, animaná and HxN collaborate in a systemic change in the consumption and production systems, recovering the roots of the fashion industry and making artisans, their communities and their ancestral arts part of the great table of the industry.

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