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Advancing the UN75 Declaration: with the Alliance for Multilateralism

On October 23, 2020, Hecho X Nosotros (HxN) was able to attend a conference on Advancing the UN75 Declaration: How Global Civil Society can better Partner with the Alliance for Multilateralism to Confront Multiple Global Crises! Here we focused on ways to concretely build momentum towards more governance, as well as strengthen and renew goals and how to deliver real and tangle results to citizens around the world through civic engagement. This conference was especially important for us here at HxN because of the civil action work that we do in South America with local artisans. The main takeaways from this conference were that multilateralism is a way forward which translates into concrete action. Multilateralism gives political action to issues such as public international law, accountability, human rights, climate initiatives, and global public goods, just to name a few. To conclude remarks were made on how multilateralism was still in development but that more and more support is being gathered around the idea!

A special thanks to Kristen Tadrous, Laura Tobar, and Lisa Aggrey for attending the conference on HxN’s behalf!

Author: Hailey Matarese

Editor: Alondra Magana

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