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Adriana Marina at the 4° Edition of "Business with the World"

Adriana Marina, founder of animaná and the NGO Hecho por Nosotros, participated in the event "Negocios con el Mundo" organized by La Nación. On a shared panel with Paula Ortega, Chief of Exterior Commerce Products of ICBC; Oscar Bonello, president of Solidyne; and Mauricio Alonso, country manager of NotCo, Marina revealed that on of her greatest gratifications is "having a different proposal and being able to complete it".

As a certified B corp, animaná was internationally recognized as one of the "best corporations FOR the world 2019" for implementing good corporational practices for workers, clients, community and environment. B Lab awarded the brand in two categories: "Agent of Change" and "Best community practices".

On parallel, Hecho por Nosotros is a consultative of sustainability on the United Nations, collaborating with universities around the world and generating technologic innovations. The NGO promotes sustainability in the fashion industry through sustainable growth oriented designs.

Marina was also present in #PosiblDay, a cycle of conferences of the multimedia company Posibl, with the institutional sponsorship of the UN in Argentina. In this gathering, she shared the "Business and Triple Impact investment" panel with Nicolás Dobler, CSR manager of DANONE and Matías Leonardo Cabrera, Southern Latin America market director of Subway. Adriana invited people to debate, re-think and speak up about the environment, climate change, gender equality, triple impact, innovation and technology. She also analyzed the role of consummers, the benefit of blockchain technology and the effort to include the fasion industry as an engine for sustainable development.

The founder stated: "As consumers, we must break the limits that corporations with market dominance are setting, in order to stablish these changes as everyday life". She also invited us to wonder what is behind all of our purchases, what do we sponsor with them, and if we are actually being "nicer". "I believe that nurturing this strength is in our hands", she concluded.

Credit: Fabian Malavolta

Translation: Franco de Candia

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