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A common wish for 2020

I like to think of Hecho por Nosotros and animaná as your home, as a place where you can expand your dreams, use your creativity, abilities and unleash your potential to co-create a systemic change, better for all.

Sustainability, circular economy and transparency in the value chains are directly related with the failures of the system that currently exists in the world, specifically in the production and consumption models that have been shaped globally. However, through knowledge, technology, marketing and many other tools developed by humanity, we have a unique opportunity to transform such system. This requires us to be critics of the current models, needs that we re-learn from nature, that we think of ourselves as guests and not as hosts, and that we think in a holistic way not only about the problems but also the solutions.

Animaná and Hecho por Nosotros was born and has been grown as the artisans processes natural fibers, obtained from natural resources, taking care of their environment, animals, fibers, doing that magic yarn, hand looming, using the design as a tool to honor people, earth, Gods and the cosmos.

Along these ten years, animaná and Hecho por Nosotros was built by more than thousands of young professionals, academics, designers, producers, artisans and MSMEs genuinely motivated to generate a deep change of the status quo. They all worked together, hand by hand, learning from each other, creating tools, solutions and invaluable externalities.

I am really grateful as this path would not have been built without each of you. I am honored about this Yarn that connects us for a better world for all.

We all as society, have now enormous opportunities and resources this 2020 to create concrete solutions that preserve nature and respects people while improving many lives.

Let’s use these opportunities intelligently and honoring our potential as human beings.

I wish you all the best for 2020!

Adriana Marina

Founder of HxN and animaná

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