University HxN: Systemic Change, Social Innovation and Sustainable Development.


The NGO Hecho x Nosotros has co-created courses, seminars, webinars, workshops, trainings and talks since 2008, with the aim of involving students, entrepreneurs, designers, professionals from different areas, NGos, ashoka fellows, international organizations and Universities. Hence, this emerging educational, research and knowledge co-creation space is the HxN University.


As a member of the Economic and Social Council of the UN (Ecosoc) and Ashoka fellow, the University HxN is aligned with the systemic change paradigm, the Sustainable Development Goals and the social innovation tools, considering them key elements to achieve long term social and economic changes. The practical vision of the theoretical principles is achieved through active learning by doing perspective. 


Drawing from the systemic change approach, we argue that in the face of complex challenges, there are not enough people operating with the capacity to shift systems. Thus, people need to learn from one another’s experience so they aren’t starting from scratch. Building a global community of change agents is our best chance to accelerate a transition to a sustainable future. 


Therefore, the objective of the University HxN is to form students, professors, professionals and entrepreneurs to be capable of thinking in terms of sustainability, with an interdisciplinary vision, and to be prepared to integrate more sustainable options within their professional areas through systemic change, social innovation and sustainability principles.

University HxN: Arts and Crafts. Fabric the Change 

Since 2008, we have been organizing workshops for local artisans across Argentina, Bolivia and Perú, with the main objective of strengthening the well-being of local communities and preserving their ancestral knowledge. However, the University of Arts and Crafts is open to all Latin American artisans, whether from rural areas or inner-city neighborhoods.


The artisans are the safeguards of an extraordinary capacity, talent and ancestral knowledge transmitted from generation to generation. They have the ability to transform the products of nature into beautiful handicrafts, however, it is necessary to gain the knowledge about design, communications or marketing strategies to transform the art into sustainable local development.

That is why the HxN University of Arts and Crafts collaborates with local entrepreneurs focused on handmade products and the use of collective knowledge in design and sustainable practices to help them to build up their businesses. 


We respect artisans and their extraordinary skills and talents gleaned from rich cultural tradition. Their skill in working with natural materials makes it easy to see how successful locally based products and businesses could be once prepared for the market. With a business and production plan and strong product design, these artisans could compete in the market and
do well.

University HxN: Specialization in Latin American Creative Industries  

For over a decade, Hecho x Nosotros and its collaborators have been co-creating a global community of advocates for change to accelerate the construction of a new paradigm within the Latin American creative industries. The creative industries can be defined as a "set of activities that in a chained manner, allow ideas to be transformed into goods and services, and whose value may be based on intellectual property" (IDB, 2018).


The Latin American creative economy has become an important productive sector, enhancing the local economy in terms of GDP, exports, employment, inversions, productivity and social well-being (BID, 2018). Furthermore, it has been researched that creative activities in low-income countries and local communities improve economic growth, foster social cohesion, participation and strengthen local resilience (Callanan, 2017). 


Being conscious of the importance and the value of the creative economy, University HxN has been co-creating trainings, webinars and workshops for professionals and actors of the creative economy focusing on the areas such as design and the fashion industry, arts, cinema or storytelling.

HxN toolkit: Igniting Circular And Sustainable Fashion through collaboration


Hecho por Nosotros’ Ignite Challenge is a toolkit project that focuses on promoting traceability throughout the value chain, building the reputation of natural fibres and highlighting the value of ancestral wisdom. We provide training and the development of shared resources for artisans, designers and micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs), as well as offer circular and sustainable solutions to designers, producers and fashion professionals. The goal of our project is to help MSMEs grow their business sustainable and empower designers to use circular design techniques that are guided by collaboration. As a consulting program, a team of collaborators from Hecho por Nosotros works with MSMEs to co-create a set of solutions dedicated to a challenge the company aims to overcome. The final idea is to create Sustainability, Traceability and Transparency in the textile industry, building an ecosystem within a new production paradigm.

HxN Consultancy


We create Bridges among Brands and Industry and circularity.

We collaborate to improve actual businesses into circular models and give talks for staff to be aligned with the SDG 2030.

Through corporate gifts we invite firms and professionals to be part of the solutions for local and inclusive development while giving the most beautiful gifts to employees and clients 

Write us! 

G20 presents 

HxN Publications


"Hecho por nosotros" and "animaná" have long story on creating academic papers, materials, books that collaborate for a systemic change on SDG and Fashion, sustainability concepts, Artisans and natural fibers, regenerative models.

We invite you to have a look to our book, coming soon in english!


Young Advocates


The “HxN Young Advocates for Change” program is a sustainability and circularity education scheme that is centred on the fashion world and its possible revolutions from within. Its aim is to provide young people, aged between 16 and 25 years, with educational material, practical tools, and a digital platform to empower them as changemakers in the fashion industry. 


The idea is to gather students from all around the world and give them the opportunity to learn, gain skills and exchange ideas on how to drive sustainability and circular fashion forward. As part of the program, they will be engaged in a series of activities and events aimed at promoting a more transparent, fair, and accountable fashion industry. 


By adding their powerful voices to the HxN movement, the participants of the program are going to become part of systemic and revolutionary change in favour of human and Nature’s rights. 

Foro moda ética latinoamericana


Since 2008, FORO MODA ÉTICA LATINOAMÉRICA is an open interdisciplinary collaboration platform that actively collaborates in creating knowledge and tools for systemic change around the inclusion of SDGs in the textile and fashion industry.


Adriana Marina, as founder of "animaná y Hecho x Nosotros", leads an academic network of collaboration with young professionals from all over the world. This continuous work immersed in knowledge networks allows us to give visibility and greater importance to the potential of Latin America in the world.

Sustainability is a choice

Be part of the choice to put sustainable fashion in the spotlight.




Buenos Aires, Argentina


Registered NGO with ECOSOC consultative status at the United Nations.

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