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Catalyst 2030: Systemic Change Driven by MSMEs and Artisans in Order to Achieve the SDGs

Since 2009, Hecho x Nosotros and its sister social enterprise, Animaná, have been fostering a systemic change in the textile and fashion industry. A key objective is integrating artisans, producers, and MSMEs into the value chains and building sustainable and resilient business models.


Hecho x Nosotros and Animaná organized an event on systemic change driven by MSMEs and Artisans to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals for the Catalyzing Change Week organized by the Catalyst 2030 platform, where  expert voices on different areas discussed how capacity-building, technology, Ed-tech, and digital tools, education and financial tools can promote inclusivity, transparency, and circularity in the integration of value chains. The event highlighted the importance of integrating micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) into global markets.

The event consisted of two main sections where practitioners across sectors reflected upon the relevance of collaboration and co-creation among all stakeholders towards the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals, specifically number 1 (No Poverty), 5 (Gender Equality), 8 (Decent Work and Economic Growth), 10 (Reduced Inequalities), 12 (Responsible Consumption and Production), 13 (Climate Action), and 17 (Partnerships for the Goals). 

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